Express News
By Bibiana Crocitta


Like the ingredients naturally tasteful, that ripen slowly and await to be used for the best meals, each and every person has an endless number of natural competences which can be developed through training and improved through experience.
Before preparing any meal, the true job of Chefs is to take their time to explore and discover their true competences, their interests, their underlying talents and their capacity to believe in themselves.
The new entrepreneurs or business leaders, similarly to those Chefs in the kitchen, have experienced exactly the same.
Following the idea that apart from physical differences there are no two persons alike, individuality or the real self is the most important “seasoning” that a Chef may use in the kitchen, or a leader in any business activity.
The way in which people show their individuality with the flavor of believing in themselves will make the difference when Cooking their Business and when stepping into the market.
We are talking about the curiosity that moves us to discover our sources or roots, and the best way to season them with our every day lessons.
To cook our internal Chef implies that we should have peeped insideourselves.
The understanding of our values, wishes and unchanged competences is what makes us be different from the rest and what will promote our identity.
In other words, the addition of the ingredients that come with ourselves, plus what we have learnt as well as the use of these “spices” or personal resources, are the elements “cooked” inside of us, and where a leader arises from.
There are talents or competences that are not learnt at any specialized school or college, but rather incorporated in our daily life, through the challenges and opportunities that arise while we are alive and willing to “cook” our “recipes” or ideas.
As in important cooking environments where it is said that a Chef is the result of the dishes elaborated simultaneously with his or her autobiography, similarly business leaders are also the result of the preparation or the elaboration of their own ideas.
The feeling of independency or personal autonomy is what pushes forward the Chef or leader inside of us.
There is no one specific type of a leader or a Chef. Each person has his or her own, and has to let it surface and “cook” it.
Let´s do it!