Express News
By Bibiana Crocitta


There is no recipe or formula to make a Leader or a Chef. What is necessary is just the individual wish to become one.
As the ingredients in recipes, that when exposed to the cooking heat become something appealing and delicious, “to cook” the Chef or the Leader underlying in us has the same effect, as what we have “cooked” is actually a wish.
A response to this transformation or crisis that we live through is the possibility of redefining ourselves as active, wish driven individuals in order to enrich our place in life and consequently, in the working or professional market.
Beyond any theory or cooking book, the most important thing is to let ourselves “cook” what we hold inside and what we wish.
This individual wish should go hand in hand with actions. There is no Chef outside the kitchen or Leader outside his or her working team.
The development of a Leader in a competitive and permanently changing market, invites us to improve and to change what we have learnt so far in view of an ongoing transformation. The same happens in the kitchen, where the usual basic preparation techniques are used but each Chef adapts them differently in order to obtain a more innovative result, and thus avoid falling into monotony and feel de-motivated or uninterested at all.
As in the process of making a delicious meal, what the Chef tries to do is to find and combine flavors that awaken the smell, the sight, the appetite and the wish.
Having “cooked” or discovered the Leader inside of us is a permanent invitation to an ongoing wish, to increase our life experience and to continue “cooking”.
Go ahead and cook your wish!