Sunday 28 May 2000

Jobs and HR

To choose before leaving jobs

As in any search, job posting requires to have certain points pretty clear. “A successful posting requires a strong wish for growth and change, as well as the ability to acquire new knowledge”, points out Bibiana Crocitta, leader of BC & Asociados. Before applying for a job, applicants should evaluate what their interests are, which tasks they would like to carry out in the new job and if they would like to remain in that job. “It is very important not to confuse the wish to grow professionally and the will to change just for the sake of it. If someone applies for a job just because he or she is not satisfied with the present position, it is possible that s/he continues being unsatisfied”, points out Agustina Lascano from IBM. Another key point is to be patient and not to apply for any job whatsoever. “It makes no sense to apply for any possible vacancy as applicants do not always meet all possible requirements and thus the possibility of a negative reply could increase frustration. It is important to wait for an interesting vacancy to arise or, at least, for a job to be as close to our expectations as possible”, advises Lascano.
Similarly Silvia Gvirtsman, a partner of G&G Consultants, says “even if a job posting is addressed to a massive public, job vacancies can be quite different. Thus, those who apply for all of them, show a high level of dissatisfaction, the absence of forward view and the incapacity to lead their career”.