La Nación - Buenos Aires, 18 August 1996


The transformation of the national market from a closed economy towards globalization requires the functional re-structuring of organizations, and this is the main reason for the changes that need to be implemented both regarding quality and quantity inherent to the management of banking businesses.
In that sense, those qualified as business managers have changed to a category oriented to business generators, although they will continue involved in the business management itself.
Nowadays professional training and management competences have a special relevance in addition to the background experience in a specific area.
Even if the products are actually the same, the business strategies of each banking institution lead the experience of future candidates towards the characteristics of the businesses, that is to say, sound knowledge of retail products, Pymes (small or medium-sized companies) or both.
Another alternative widely used today is the search for candidates with high development potential, with relevant university training and, if possible, with a master in that area. In addition, management competences, among others, are necessary conditions. These resources will be part of a long standing development training of four years minimum, and then trainees are ready to take up the jobs they have been trained for.

Qualifications required
• Business attitude
• Ability to adapt to technological and market changes
• Ability to overcome challenges at long and short term
• Sensitivity to lead and motivate a group
• Care to deal with the internal and the external customer
• Be genuinely pro-active without losing the profitability of the business
• Proper customer care to be differentiated from other competitors
• Transparency in the management of business transactions