Bibiana Crocitta

“The local and international role of Ibero-American Business Women Cook Your Business organised a 'networking' evening at the Caesar Hotel in London.”


The evening of 6 October was not just another normal session of networking as it as organised by Bibiana Crocitta, director of Cook Your Business.

This Argentinean directed all her efforts this time to highlight the figure of the Ibero-American Woman, in the context of local and international business. Various executives: British, Spanish, Brazilian, Chinese and Indian joined in an event in which Crocitta emphasised "the crucial role of the woman in the development of the long-term economy".

Maria Teresa Soliman, of Soliman Travel, and Nuria Corominas, director of the Ramon Llull Institute, also participated in the presentations.

The director of Cook Your Business thanked the Union European, Derby Hotels, Acbba, Air Europa, Iberica Food & Culture and Colliers International for their support. Also she thanked Quilmes the Argentine brewery business, Havana, another classic Argentinean business, and Moreno Wines that was the business responsible for offering wine tasting during the evening. She emphasised the presence also of various CEO’s of media and communications businesses such as Alvaro Peixoto, Record TV director in United Kingdom and Ashwini Agrawal, CEO of The Indian Post.

"Being here as an entrepreneur and businesswoman reminds me of my brief meeting with Kanya King (MOBO) when being presented with an award, which motivated me to develop a strong and competitive vision for business. Today women play a crucial role in the development of the long-term economy", explained Bibiana Crocitta. "Cook Your Business is a lot more than a PR company, event organiser and headhunting consultancy. Our mission is to increase the number of successful Ibero-American businesses in the United Kingdom and overseas", continued Bibiana. "Thanks to the support of private organisations and the public sector, the members of Cook Your Business have access to investors, commercial contacts and specialist advice. Our networking has earned a reputation for developing new opportunities for businesses", concluded Crocitta.