Bibiana Crocitta, Director of Cook Your Business:

London has inspired me in business by its dynamism and innovation”


Bibiana Crocitta is licensed in psychology and has extensive experience in the recruitment and training of ambitious people, linked to prestigious businesses such as Microsoft, American Express and Santander group. Currently, she is the managing director of Cook Your Business, a business that utilises the concept of the kitchen to develop the leadership and the talent of individuals in business. Its networking events are very well known in the Ibero-American business world and are renowned for the quality of their presentations and the interesting contacts you can make.

How did the idea to apply the kitchen to your business occur?  
I come from an Italian family impassioned by art and the secrets of the kitchen.  I could recall many memories from my infancy in the garden or in the immense kitchen of my grandmother. "Fresh, natural and homemade", was what was said each time she prepared some specialty of the house. Without any doubt the kitchen and the business world are great passions of mine. The idea of Cook Your Business began to develop in London when I received business assessor certification (sfedi) and began to get to know talented entrepreneurs.  Then I was invited to give courses for entrepreneurs in the Innovator Business Centre (University of London) and there developed in more depth the idea of "cooking business". 

What is the most important ingredient "to cook" a business? 
The most important ingredient of a business is the people, their desires, their potential and actions.  I believe in people and in their capacity to find a place in the market that shows who they are and what they do. This cannot be learned on courses or in universities.

What do you need to be an Entrepreneur?  
Common sense, determination, individual vision and talent.  In my experience, I have observed that entrepreneurs have a high level of ambition and desire. 

What inspired you to develop Cook Your Business? 
There are two things that inspired me.  Firstly, identifying that there wasn’t a single platform for businesses in United Kingdom that represented the communities of Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Then, my interview with Anita Roddick (Creator of Body Shop) was crucial.

Where did the idea to cook business arise? 
Cooking is a creative act in which we experiment with our ability, potential and difficulties.  After selecting and recruiting human talent for corporations for twenty years, and thanks to my formation in physiology and as assessor of Business in United Kingdom, I concluded that the most important thing in business is the people, their potential and their connections.

Has being Hispanic influenced your business? 
Of course; you can never forget your roots.  This has given Cook Your Business a different approach in the business environment. I believe that this is the reason why a number of large corporations, British Government organisations and the European Union are interested in our proposals. 

Finally, which were the most important challenges to living in London and to developing your career here? 
It is necessary to have the capacity to adapt and to be flexible in order to integrate into a new culture.  Having a good grasp of the English language is essential as it permits you to relate to others and to explore new opportunities.  It is also necessary to tolerate frustrations and learn from your errors. London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, its streets have the presence of innovation and talent; this invites anyone that is enterprising to discover their own abilities. 

What are your professional and personal interests? 
I believe that you can’t separate the personal and professional life of the individual since both aspects make up the same person.  I like to visit the market regularly, to investigate, and discover tendencies and to find talented people.  I like cooking of course, for my family and friends.  I love to paint, to collect antiques and to travel. 

Is there a place that has inspired you in the theme of business? 

London, for its dynamism, its innovation and because it is always in permanent change.  I love the art galleries, markets and antique fairs. I like Canary Wharf because it is an impressive area.  But what I like most about the City are its restaurants and business, which is what really emphasises it as a cosmopolitan city.