Bibiana Crocitta

“Crisis means change”


Her accent leads her audience to the proximity of the romantic Río de la Plata. Native from the city of Buenos Aires and a great entrepreneur. A Psychologist and a Human Resources expert with a vast experience. Tireless worker. Participated in the most prestigious multinational companies in Argentina until her heart took her to London where she unleashed her success. Bibiana arrived to the United Kingdom, and on the spot she beat the barrier of language. “This is how you can enhance your world and meet your goals”. She has given courses on motivation focused on the creation of successful enterprises, and she is also an event organizer among English and Ibero American entrepreneurs. She opened a channel of trust where it did not exist before. “London invites to action”, she explains. Her dream is “to achieve a well deserved place for Ibero America within this framework”. As the founder of “Cook your Business”, she provides the Ibero American business sector in the United Kingdom with the tools to attain the success and the expansion of their business, based on motivation and clear objectives. If you want to taste success, just contact Bibiana Crocilla (