Menu del Chef en la British Library

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The Chef Menu at the British Library

By Bibiana Crocitta


Inspiration settles down inside of us when we leave behind our kitchen or working place in order to discover our surroundings, what stimulates us and awakens our curiosity, and what makes us feel alive.
When we manage to see ourselves as real beings, we are ready to prepare our plentiful dish of creativity.
The kitchen is the place where there is always room to express our identity and our own working style.
“The analogy between business and cooking is really brilliant: a true individual tasting and the discovery of personal talents”, said Catalina Botello, Arts Director of “Out of the Box Productions”.
All business literature could be an interesting source of information and inspiration, though it should go hand in hand with the participation and observation of the external world.
Most of the greatest chefs, not to say all of them, have to take some distance from themselves to discover ingredients, spices, exotic combinations and new techniques to prepare meals. The same happens with the leaders in the business world.
Taking into account all the above, I organized a visit to the “British Library” with my group of “Chefs” or Entrepreneurs of the business course. The meeting point was the orange room of the “Business & IP Centre Workshop”.
That glass walled room was the aperitif that awoke every Chef´s wish to feel encouraged to eat up each dish of information… Later on that day, we had some drinks and talked about business, and did some exercises on trust, courage and patience, both individually and in groups, and all participants developed their own idea and vision about the future.
When the letter soup was served, to play with words and inspiration, each Chef discovered more than one seasoning and was surprised at his or her own capacity to decipher where main obstacles lay.
By the time of the main course, we discussed the 10 steps to “Business Cooking” in order to see how to plan, direct and use capital.
There was no time to have a cup of coffee quietly; instead, Chefs were just having theirs while walking around and printing their own menu and getting ready to apply to a specific market area those actions that they have already identified and felt as their own.
“Educating, inspiring and action oriented… it is different”, said Pedro Nel Cruz when he rushed to get his menu ready.
Lets cook!